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Basic Guide: Beastmaster Durzag


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Beastmaster Durzag (BM) is the first of two raids bosses.


⬥ Teci image.png.952a71f9610874a459f88caae223f415.png
    • Always dropped.
⬥ Achto Primeval image.png.3ab2f2aae9a3ebf2b6d8772e2955a6e2.png / Achto Teralith image.png.70db5875094b0fdb7649f112607bf17c.png  / Achto Tempest image.png.91686b2c32def61b9446a35e362ff96d.png

⬥Durzag's helmet image.png.f7d43ddc78f20f29eeb93725b8e11532.png 

⬥Lil' Tuzzy image.png.26686ca5b186ed1611d472330dda8c50.png




A guideline set of recommendations might this include:
⬥ T80+ power armour + T90+ weapons, perked with Starter Perks from ⁠perks
⬥ 95+ Prayer for curses 
⬥ 99+ Herblore for overloads 
⬥ Berserker auras 

For gear, bring your best style.

Mage can be good for learns survive, but it's the worst DPS.

Melee has a good AoE with Scythe.

Range is the best DPS overall. 

Base will be good with melee (image.png.39b30342f323a49ed520aeec23ad5864.png Statiu's warhammer special attack is a good one, since high defense of BM). image.png.e1ddff6b955c26c718600e1984aa91ae.pngStaff of Light special attack for higher defensive skills. 



⬥ The fight begins by clearing airuts and chargers.
    • Beware of Airuts' punishing range attacks.
⬥ When the mob counter reaches 22 the first pet, Cormes, will spawn beside the western gong.
⬥ Kill airuts and chargers until the countdown reaches 0.
⬥ At this point, team members should position themselves near the centre of the arena.
    • Base lures BM to the SE corner.
    • Pet Tank 2 provokes the pet ensuring it faces away from the team.
⬥ The DPS attack Pet 2 until it reaches 10k health.
    • They should then switch to Pet 3, attacking until it reaches ~10k lifepoints.
⬥ Kill pets 
⬥ Once pets die, focus on BM.




⬥ Pets are split between two players: Pet Tank 1/3 and Pet Tank 2
    • The numbers refer to the respective order in which the pets spawn.
    • The first pet is always Cormes, the second pet can be either Tuz or Krar.

⬥ For Cormes, stand north of the western gong and voke as soon as it spawns.
    • Protect Range and DPS the pet until it dies.


Pet 2 spawns with BM. Position yourself just east of the northern gong and voke the pet as soon as it spawns.
⬥ When Pet 2 reaches 50k LP, the third pet will spawn in a random corner.
    • Pet Tank 1/3 should voke to draw the pet away from BM.





When BM reaches 750k LP OR one of the pets dies (whichever happens first), voke BM.
⬥ Eventually the base will provoke BM away from you.
    • In longer kills, your stacks will clear. You should then voke back BM. Repeat this process with the base until the end of the kill.




BM Mechanics
⬥ BM attacks his main target with a 3x3 melee AOE attack.
    • All players not directly behind him are hit with a range auto attack
⬥ Applies a stack to his primary target (up to a max of 15) per auto.
    • This increases the damaged received by 6.6% per stack.
⬥ BM throws out explosive magic bombs. 
    • Bombs take off overhead prayers.
        ⬩ Click bombs to defuse them.
⬥ BM can drag players into melee distance randomly. 
    • Use Deflect Melee and run away quickly.


⬥ When BM spawns, voke him and proceed to the SE corner. 
⬥ After the BUSC provokes BM away from you, your stacks will eventually clear. When stacks clear, voke back.


⬥ After BM reaches 750k hp, DPS him down as fast as possible.
⬥ The Base and BU should 'juggle' BM to enable each other to clear stacks and maintain good HP.
    • All other team members are now purely DPS until BM dies.

This guide is almost a copy past from pvme discord, with a few changes that I did to match velheim. There's no need either for NC or SC. 

Hope it help you guys getting some kc's. Good luck!

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