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Locked Ninja Update 03/03/2023


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Completionist Cape

  • Unlocking Ancient gizmo/tool/xp capacitor blueprints is now a requirement;
  • Purchasing all Player-Owned Farm upgrades from the Farmers' Market is now a requirement (bank chest, noted produce, trait boosts, pen deeds);
  • Unlocking at least 400 Music tracks is now a requirement;
  • Added the 'Everything is Oresome' challenge, which is now also a requirement. After Mining 100 of each base ore your ore box capacity will be increased by an additional 20 slots;
  • Completing the Player-owned Port tutorial is now a requirement. You'll have to unlock (or already own) the first ship for it to complete;
  • You'll now have to qualify as a Guildmaster at the Archaeology Campus;

Completionist Cape (Trimmed)

  • Unlocking the Bone Crusher upgrade from the Waiko reward shop is now a requirement;
  • You'll now have to reach floor 60 in Dungeoneering at least once;
  • Unlocking all Dungeoneering reward store scrolls is now a requirement (Scroll of Life/Cleansing/Proficiency/Quick Teleportation/Efficiency/Daemonheim/Dexterity);
  • You'll have to obtain the White Knight rank by slaying 1,300 Black Knights;


  • Added full dialogue to 'Arhein' located in Catherby. You'll be able to buy 40 pineapples and 80 seaweed off him daily;
  • Fixed the Velheim Discord BOT to work with some of the recent changes.
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