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Locked I'm back, hello


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I'll make this short and.. uhh, sweet?


For you all who've been following our Discord you may have noticed the announcement about the whole staff team's inactivity as a whole, especially mine and the lack of updates, yes, it's one of those posts again (who'd thought)!

Life always comes first (even I have one, woah!) and I had to deal with some nonsense again, as well as the untimely burn out as mentioned in the Discord announcement. Working on Velheim has always been enjoyable for me, a hobby if you will. Treating your hobby as an actual job makes it.. well, that wouldn't be your hobby now would it. Have to take breaks from time to time! Velheim's not going away, I'll still be here yanking my hose 10 years later trying to perfect the project I'm passionate about. 

With that said; I should be back now? I think. Mostly everything is sorted now and I'll start picking the pace back up, we still have a ton of unadded content I'd like to work on.

Think that sums up everything I wanted to say, see you online gamers (or in Discord);

Edit: Forgot to mention, but a huge thank you to all who've been supporting us through votes, communication and financial support! Was able to snag a few advertisement spots while I was away as well 🤗

- @Sandstorm

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On 9/13/2023 at 6:47 AM, Phippzy said:

Glad your back and everythings sorted hopefully when updates start rolling ill come back to playing for often atm its just a afk fest for me as there is nothing new (ino there is loads to do but not stuff i want to do)

Wasnt meaning this in a bad way just miss the updates :D

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Welcome back staff team happy to see you all active again... none of us can hate any of you for taking a break as you guys said life comes first.

all i can say is i have too much love to every1 of the staff team past and present for everything they done on velheim, the last thing we need to see is staff online focusing on us and not there life... this is only a game after all as much as we all love velheim and we shouldn't prioritise this when irl needs to be prioritised, hope all of you are ok

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