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Locked Halloween Event 2023

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Prepare to be spooked and delighted as darkness descends upon our world!

In this spine-tingling Halloween update, we've conjured a realm of eerie enchantment, where the supernatural reigns supreme. Beware of the shadows that lurk around every corner. Dive into the macabre mysteries, unearth cursed treasures, and test your courage against a horde of otherworldly creatures. It's time to embrace the spirit of the season and embark on a chilling adventure that will send shivers down your spine. Welcome to our Halloween update – where thrills, chills, and surprises await those brave enough to enter!



Halloween Events

  • The event area in Draynor Manor has returned. You can get there via any Event Noticeboard around the map!
  • Help out various NPC's around the area to gather Spooky Tokens which can be exchanged at Death's Spooky Reward shop for Halloween-themed rewards;
  • The Web of Shadows quest data has been reset for everyone, you can now once again complete it for additional Spooky tokens, Eek the Spider, Cosmetics, Squeal of Fortune spins and access to the Event area outside along with the new mini-game (described below);
  • Something I've worked on as a 'for fun' project last year and thought it'd fit in nicely for Halloween: a 'tower defence' type of mini-game with waves of enemies. Endless waves of various undead NPC's, with scaling difficulty, resource loot chest, defensive type objects: barricades, spheres, spinning blades. The mini-game will be accessible to everyone after completing the Web of Shadows quest, talk to Gudrik in the Draynor Manor grounds to start. Up to 4 players can enter the same instance, each wave rewarding tokens based on how long you've survived. There's also a top 10 leader board sorted by highest wave reached just besides Gudrik himself. (There's a high probability the mini-game won't be balanced or catored to all as it was merely a fun little side project for me, so grit your teeth if it's hard!)


Decided to release it earlier since there are a TON of new cosmetic items in the shop. The events will be running until November the 6th!

Also sorry there ain't no neat looking graphic this year, maybe @Arcadiez can add one for me later? :3

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