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A Great Start - Capnmarcus


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Hi all,

Started this server after not having seriously played RS since 2008. I am full blown addicted, having a blast. Really great server. Just wanted to give a shout out to the general core community of the server - the atmosphere is tight knit, but is also super welcoming to newcomers. A veteran member, trying not to name names without permission, just helped me out with some gear (Elven Ritual Shard, didn't even know this existed, among some other items) and also ran me through ED2 for some experience at higher level bossing. Super appreciative to that member, and it feels like that culture runs throughout the veteran community. 

All in all, seems like a good place to spend a lot of time and re-learn Runescape. The ;;wiki and ;;topic functions have been... invaluable. I look forward to spending many hours on the server. And, in advance, thanks for the help! 

Kind regards,

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